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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  February 19, 2013 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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she'd been with me for about a year before we'd gotten to the country and meshed off the bad. she's an easy loving dog. >> sean: i can see she's resting. >> she's a sweetheart and a turn on, turn off dog and able to do the business and then afterwards she's fine. >> sean: like if you gave her a word now, she would attack me. >> yes, sir. >> sean: rip my-- what would she do. >> you know, you're not being very aggressive and hostile probably look around and try to, now, pinpoint someone who is being hostile and put her on alert. and made a move. >> sean: so there's an alert word and an attack word. >> exactly. >> sean: what's the alert word. >> watch and put a little more into it. >> sean: she's retired and you have to put some emphasis. the dogs read off cues, subtle cues and were you able to adopt her, that's not easy to do. >> there's certain paper work to go through the dod and certain process just like anything else in the military.
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once we went through the process and talked to the veterinarian and everything got approved which took a little bit and then she eventually came over here. >> sean: we're glad you're home safe, you're a real hero, a great dog and that's-- that shows how tough all the military that are out there fighting, the days that they have to deal with. >> it's not about me now, it's about them getting home safe. >> sean: thank you for being here. azza, doesn't say watch, whatever you do. and glory hounds, by the way, thursday night 8 p.m. animal planet and that's all the time we have left this evening. thank you as always for being with us. let not your heart be troubled. greta is next on the record and we'll see you tomorrow night with azza. greta, take it away. >> tonight, why are so many in the the media weak? the president seems to be calling all the shots. >> there's new reaction to spats between the obama administration and the
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reporters who cover the president. >> the events this weekend made you rethink the level of transparency within the administration. >> and the fact that the president wanted to play golf with a golf pro? >> and what obama didn't want a photo op with tiger, tiger is the 1%, tiger is rich. >> and he was my partner and as i said, we won. >> this white house is the most closed white house we've ever had. i don't think the golf thing would be such a big issue except it's kind of the straw that broke the camel's back. >> i think it's safe to say, folks, obama's now spent more time with tiger woods than he has with the republican leadership. >> and he's an avid golfer and so am i. >> this white house determined the press corps so far has taken it, what they will cover and what they won't. >> the first official confirmation that anybody in this room received of that-- that the president was playing golf was from the white house press office. no reporter had any access different from the--
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>> and anybody has a chance to play 18 holes with tiger woods ought to be able to do it and do it privately, so obama kicked off the white house correspondents by not letting them have access the at the floridian offer the weekend and he did grace them with ten minutes of casual off the record conversation, back in the plane, going back to washington. he gets back to washington, he hears how ticked off they are at him and so, as the authorityion states want them to do and flipped them the bird and granting a lot of interviews to local tv and not talking to the white house national correspondents and they are fuming. >> and yesterday president obama must have gotten bored on air force one coming home from his golf trip because he did wander back to the press section of the plane, but only talk to the press if it were off the record. we don't know what he was hiding. what he did he didn't want on the record, but today seemed
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more than happy to appear on the record at a carefully stage media event. with first responders, they were lined up behind him and president obama lashing out at republicans, warning their unwillingness to raise taxes will put jobs on the lane and the weekly standard's steve hayes joins us and even politico editorial today said that president obama is a master at limiting, shaping and manipulating the media coverage of himself and the white house. where is the media. >> sure is, i don't necessarily blame president obama, he gets away with what the media let him get away with, they let him get away with it lot. the fundamental problem is you dent have the same kind of scrutiny on the president that you've had on past presidents both republicans and democratic. so he gets away with not disclosing as much as he should on benghazi, for instance, gets away with, as you pointed out, calling for tax hikes right now. there's video of the president back in january of 2011 saying the tax hikes, during time of slow economic growth, would send the country back into recession. why hasn't he-- why isn't that on the front
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page of the new york times, asking why the president was making one argument then when he we had 5.6% growth, and the opposite argument today. the same with the sequester, used the threat to veto it and now saying it can't possibly go through. so many contradictions and he's not called on any of this. on network newscasts, in the new york times, "the washington post," the other major outlets in the mainstream media and he's not called on these. >> you know i think the most pathetic thing about the last couple of days on this the white house press corps had an image of itself being tough and yelling out the tough questions, is the fact that after they spent a weekend of moaning about the fact they didn't have access to the president, that the president comes back to the plane and they agreed to an off the record discussion. now, what in the world is the off the record discussion going to do for anybody? gives them a little chitchat with the president so they can have a good time on the trip. they're paid by news organization the to get information. they should have said, no, on the record or we don't want to
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talk to the president. what was the point of talking to the president then? >> it's interesting because i remember travelling, i did a lot of travelling for a book i did dick cheney and travelling overseas and there were disputes all the time. and one in particular, the wire reporter from the trip ap, and i think a reporter from reuters, new york times and major outlets and cheney invited the group including me back to do an off the record session with them. i was happy with that, a magazine reporter, didn't have a deadline and add context to what we're seeing on this trip and there was a full on protest, a revolt from the daily report and the wire reporters who said we don't want to see the vice-president off the record. that doesn't do us any good. we need to file stories and didn't travel all the way over here just to have off the record conversations with the vice-president. now they had gone to other staged managed events that had some opportunity to talk to his assistant. but they didn't have time with the vice-president and they said we're not doing it unless there's some on the record session.
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>> how do you think about this press corps that sat in the back of the plane and agreed to an off the record with the president and how do you think they justify it in their minds? >> i think what they say it's valuable to spend time with the president he no matter when you spend time with the president. he might provide insight into the coming battle of the sequester. >> do you buy that? >> i buy that, i don't mind off the record-- >> i think it's such a failure on their part. after complaining not having access to the president, it looks like they were weak and that they were sort of seduced by the president. their job is to get us information, meaning the news organizations, the other news organizations and the american people the information and instead the pat on the head like the puppy in the back of the plane. >> i get that argument. for me, anytime you're spending time with the the president it's valuable time as a reporter. if he's talking about a-- >>, but the pool-- >>, but he may say something about a conversation that he had over the weekend with somebody that will let them make three more phone calls and get additional information.
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>> for themselves. they were in the the pool, they were the pool. >>, but it will inform the reporter. >> they were in the the pool. >> i agree and-- >> this is a pool. >> as a general rule, i don't have a problem with off the record sessions. what i have a problem is not pressing the president on the record. i mean, not pressing him for more on the record conversations or discussions or-- >> but the president said he said in a hangout politico, this is the most transparent administration in history. >> that's preposterous, nobody takes that seriously. >> the media is not pressing him. >> i don't know anybody who doesn't work for the president who believes that's actually the case and i know a lot of frustration in the white house press corps. what we haven't seen is this kind of uprising or this kind of outcry about it. now, i hope they keep this up. it's one thing to do it because they didn't get a picture on the golf course. i would like them to do it on benghazi, and some of the other-- >> and what makes the case in the back of air force one, finally speaking up, don't get the picture with tiger woods and i don't care if we have a picture of tiger woods or not,
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and we can imagine what the president looks like playing golf with tiger woods and know what they look like, and they pressed that they didn't have access and fall weak in the back of the plane. >> they don't want to-- they're worried about the limited access they get some of them don't want to do the hard questions because they'll-- >> they work for the pool and they're not doing their jobs. >> i think they need to ask more questions and demand more time with the president on the record. and there's an article today that says he hasn't done an on the record interviews with "the washington post," 2009 and new york times 2010. and it's not reflected in their coverage, but they should be demanding that he spend more time with them, if they were covering him tougher on a daily basis, he would want to reach out to them to explain himself. >> steve, as always, thank you. >> thanks, greta. >> finally we're hearing from olympian and accused killer
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oscar pistorius, during a bail hearing, he tells what happened the night his model girlfriend was murdered. reeva steenkamp was shot to death in pistorius' bathroom and her relatives spoke today at her funeral. >> that as a family, we always got together and we regarded ourselves as a loving family and we had planned this for december to get together and at christmas together. unfortunately, my brother couldn't make it, but we all-- the family. >> we got together-- (inaudible) we'll get on it with the lord's prayers. >> adam wakefield joins us from johannesburg. today we finally hear what the
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version, pistorius says is the version of what happened that night. what did he say. >> yes, pistorius said that, i'm going to give you very brief rundown, he said that aft after... ended up spending the night together and in the middle of the night pistorius woke up to move a fan inside or something inside of the room and didn't have his prosthetics on and heard a sound and he believed that someone was in the bathroom and he proceeded, before he said he'd been a victim of crime he said, and i quote, i was filled with horror for himself and for reeva's safety at which point he decided to take his gun which was under his bed and walked over to the bathroom and fired four shots into the bathroom door at which point he realized reeva wasn't in the bed. he said it was quite dark, too afraid to put on the light and his version of events pretty much paints the picture of a
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tragic accident. >> how did he explain or did he explain at least some reports that there had been noise after argument or a fight that preceded the shooting incident. there was some distance in time between the two? >> he made no reference to arguments or disagreements in his events and subsequent affidavit from his friends who, she said in her affidavit that she was very, very good friends with steenkamp and both that they had a very loving and relationship, things were blossoming, they had a very good relationship and no argument between the two that might have led to the incidents-- >> did the prosecutor make any reference to that. the prosecutor were trying to make out a pre-meditated murder case for bond and if it
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pre-creeded, that it-- >> the prosecution says there was inference there was an argument and a spark to what happened to follow. and they didn't say exactly where that information came from. they said it was an inference or such to the fact that they believe that the door-- the fact that the the bathroom door was locked from the inside wouldn inside suggest someone was trying to get away from someone. >> all right, i read a the quote by the imagimagistrate an obviously pistorius was upset when the magistrate said maintain your composure, you need your mind here. apparently he was troubled in the proceedings today. and he was almost vacant as if he wasn't there and again a mention when reeva steenkamp finished yoga approximately 10 p.m. and got into bed and
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pistorius broke into tears and sobbing, and said your mind needs to pay attention to what's going on and a few seconds to regain his composure. >> adam, thank you. back here in the united states an ohio poll worker landing at the center of voter fraud investigation. did the cincinnati worker and president obama supporter vote six times last november? and if she did should we worry about the election and the swing state of ohio? and fox correspondent is here. >> it's against the low to vote twice. and apparently people in ohio did just that this past november. eloise richardson is long time cincinnati poll worker, a supporter of president obama and told a local tv station that yes, she did vote twice during the election and afraid her vote would not count and she denied that she intentionally committed voter fraud. haven't they heard of a
7:15 pm
mistake? here is part of what she said. >> yes, i voted twice. i after registering thousands of people certainly wanted my vote to count so i voted. i voted at the poll. there's absolutely no intent on my part to commit any voter fraud. >> authorities say she voted by the polls and absentee ballot and both counted and she says she voted by her granddaughter, india. >> yeah, she voted for me, what's the big deal and voted for someone else in the house and two other absentee ballots were apparently mailed to the board of elections from that house and all had similar handwriting and they're investigating that. and the republican secretary of state of iowa and strikes at the heart of our democracy and said in an interview, appears miss richardson used her position to quote, cover her tracks. she's not the only one who voted twice in ohio, part of the investigation, 19 cases
7:16 pm
and take a look at what other people who voted twice said. investigators said of one voter, told her she voted twice and she told me to get off the phone and hung up. and one said she voted earlier and again and said what's the problem and voter says he remembered both times, he doesn't know why he voted twice. now we repeatedly tried to get in touch with miss richardson for comment and that was unsuccessful set to appear at the hearing at the board later this week and we expect she will perhaps explain fully exactly what happened rather. >> to underwise, this is a poll worker presumably trained what to do and i'm speechless on this one. eric, thank you. and straight ahead israel has big plans for president obama and what are the plans and why are the big plans now raising eyebrows. former congressman allen west is here next and convicted
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drew peterson is back in court. this is weird and bizarre, never have i heard anything like this in the courtroom. find out what's going on. our legal panel will be here. and this picture setting the internet on fire, george clooney is on a pizza box. why is the actor on a pizza box? start guessing coming up. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain and inflammation. plus, in clinical studies, celebrex is proven to improve daily physical function so moving is easier. celebrex can be taken with or without food. and it's not a narcotic. you and your doctor should balance the benefits with the risks. all prescription nsaids, like celebrex, ibuprofen, naproxen and meloxicam have the same cardiovascular warning.
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>> this is interesting. israel is planning to give a special award to president obama. when the president visits israel next month to get the award he'll become the first sitting u.s. president to receive israel's presidential medal of distinction, this is curious since he snubbed prime minister netanyahu when he was in the united states. and he did not visit the ally in the first term. and it's noted as being chilly. what is going on here, former congressman allen west joins us. good evening, sir. >> good evening, how are you doing, greta. >> i would say that israel can decide who wants to give this particular award to. and on president obama getting the award. >> i find it interesting, as you talked about the first time that president obama has gone to visit israel. if the first term bypassed israel and went to cairo,
7:22 pm
egypt, istanbul and saudi arabia. and most importantly when you look at the neighborhood where israel is surrounded by. we've seen a government, obama support, and muslim brotherhood coming into power in egypt and we're going provide them m-16's and tanks. and nominee, chuck hagel made questions with israel and john brennan referred to jerusalem as what the radical islamists refer to it as. when you think about the environment which israel finds itself. hezbollah is stronger, and the dominance in iran and that causes a lot of of concern and of course this is coming from perez and not netanyahu. >> greta: i looked deeper into
7:23 pm
the award and a year old and president obama gave shimone peres an award when he was here a year ago. unique and significant contribution to strengthening the state of israel. and the challenges, what is the specifically unique contribution that president obama made to israel and the security of its citizen scitize? >> i would be the first to challenge that, when the president won in 2009 back in his inauguration, the first person he called was mahmoud abbas and the first interview he did was with al-arabia. and the borders, which incensed a lot of people in israel and i don't know if there are specific contributions, a lot of people will point to the iron dome system which has been successful, but if that be the case then every member of congress that voted for the
7:24 pm
funding to support the iron dome system should receive it medal. >> greta: the iron dome has been important in the recent problems last fall. i'm curious, if you think you would say you would challenge it whether he has done anything significant, a unique significant contribution in the state of israel, why do you think that israel is giving him this award. is it because they truly believe he's the one and deserves it or another reason and sort of keep a cozy relationship with our country? >> well, i don't know if this is a case of stockholm syndrome where the victim tries to appease the captor and get them to love them, or, but i can tell you this, you're going to provide a reward to someone that is really not been that supportive of our best ally in the middle east and that's rather pavolvian and you can expect more arrogance coming from the president and we do recall how he treated prime minister netanyahu. i don't know if it's a political ploy to try to gain
7:25 pm
favor with the president in these final years, but hopefully this is not a case of what we call down in south florida jewish guilt. >> greta: well, i'm thinking this isn't the president-- if the president hasn't done anything unique and significant for the contribution and security of israel maybe prime minister netanyahu doesn't buy it as well. it's not the president's fault that someone wants to give him an award. in fact he needs to be gracious and accept the award, would you not agree with that. >> i would agree that he should be gracious and accept an award. i think once again, we continue to see all of these awards and honors on the president and we have to ask what really has the president done. we saw the nobel peace prize being given to him real early in his presidency because of what people believe he can do. right now we have the prom prom- and of course we know that
7:26 pm
iran is promulgating all over the middle east and a president that did not stand with the incident where they boarded the blockade, the ship they were trying to run the blockade. there are things where the president could have been a stronger ally and showed stronger support and i believe he's shown weakness in that bond. >> greta: i'm going to take the last word on this and you mentioned the nobel peace prize in the administration, he didn't apply for it or ask for that, something that the committee decided to award him. but, i mean, he's not,'s he not going out and applying the awards he's getting these awards which is i think-- >> yeah, well, i think that there's a little bit of dignity that should say, thank you very much, but i need to prove myself first and foremost. >> greta: congressman, thank you, always nice to see you, sir. >> always a pleasure, greta. take care. >> greta: the question for the viewers, do you agree with
7:27 pm
congressman west, what do you think of president obama gaining israel's medal of distinction. go to greta wire and tell us whether you agree with the congressman or not. and now, a case update on the murder in turkey after american woman. police reportedly found evidence linking the prime suspect to the victim sarai sierra. and according to reports just in, forensic experts watched hair on the pillow to samples under her nails. and police believe that he left instand bull and sierra's body was found. and she's seen walking along in the coastal section of the city. and coming up, it is the part jurors have been waiting to hear. accused killer jodi arias testifying as to what she says happened on the day of her
7:28 pm
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7:32 pm
shower. in her version, arias claims it was self-defense. her attorney questioned her about the hours leading up to the shooting and stabbing. >> and alexander on his computer in his office, did you shoot him? >> no. >> stab him? >> no. >> so mr. alexander was sleeping in the bed right? >> yes. >> and your bags were in the home, right? >> in the bedroom. >> in the bedroom. >> did you get up and grab a gun and shoot him? >> no. >> did you grab a knife and stab him in the bed? >> no. >> and fox phoenix anchor tray hayden is back with us with the latest. tell us about what happened in court. >> seven days on the stand,
7:33 pm
greta, seven days and we still haven't gotten to the killing and jodi arias told a lot of of story and we're minutes away. the court interaction is interesting because it's a motive. and the prosecution says jody was in a jealous rage when he found out that travis was going to cancun with another woman. and it was a violent crime. and she says she wasn't mad when she showed up. and they had sex several times before the killing and jody said she knew travis was going to mexico with another month and it was her friend's baby sitter and travis paying a debt he owed the couple so nothing romantic about it, that's the story from jodi, greta. and she's told a lot of stories and the question, what is the jury going to believe. >> greta: and what about the murder weapon, what about a knife. >> finally the first time today we heard about a murder
7:34 pm
weapon. and they were having sex and travis wanted to tie her up. and he cut the rope with a knife out of the kitchen block. and no word about a gun and s if she brought a gun to mesa. >> no. >> greta: and was the rope, had it been cut. >> they found a rope in the bedroom, no word whether it was cut by a knife and i'm sure we'll hear about that during cross examination. i know the prosecution, they call him the pit bull down here and he's going to have jodi and tomorrow we should finally hear what happened during that killing. >> greta: troy, thank you. >> good seeing you, greta. >> greta: now for the drew peterson murder of wife number three case. the former police sergeant's fight for a new trial turning into the most twisted fight between his two defense lawyers. joe boroski and steven greenberg were law partners
7:35 pm
and both represented sergeant drew peterson at trial. after peterson was convicted of the murder the two lawyer partners went to war against each other. lawyer greenberg saying that lawyer brothski botched the case and brothski filed a lawsuit against his partner lawyer greenberg and then there is more. brothski filed a motion in the peterson case saying that greenberg suffered severe mental illness known as pathological narcissism and today, brothski taking the witness stand questioned by greenberg and how did that go? joining us, our legal panel, jim hammer in new york and john q kelly and washington defense lawyers bernie grimm and ted william. and i had to take a breath before i read that it's not nice. we're laughing about paragraph six in the motion, like, it's not okay to laugh, but this is the-- this is the most bizarre motion i've ever seen. so take it away, what is this all about. >> it's nuts. i mean, it's public fratricide
7:36 pm
between two attorneys who were normally co-county for drew peterson and never seen more unseemly conduct between two attorneys in over 30 years of practice, you've got greenberg now saying that brodsky made all the detrimental calls that resulted in peterson being convicted and brodsky turns around and says greenberg can't make such a determination because he suffers from a severe mental illness. these are both guys that are airing this dirty laundry in public. >> greta: dirty laundry? this isn't dirty laundry, listen to paragraph 6. >> greenberg resents the attention and painted mr. brodsadsky and mental illnes believes him he and he alone is worthy of attention and praise by others. >> this should be on somebody's bar exam in a law
7:37 pm
school. this is nuts. i'm shocked that the best interest of the client is not thought of and you can see that the two children lawyers are-- >> children, it's so far beyond children, this is insane. >> it's amazing. >> what's interesting, the irony here, somebody cites the diagnosis of path logical narcissism which applies to all of them. no one in everything we had to read tonight the nowhere did ted and i find drew peterson's name in this thing anywhere. this is a guy who has been convicted, sentence today 60 years in prison and if the lawyers tried the case screwed up and then the lawyer post-conviction, that lawyer says no, you screwed up the trial. yes, but you stole the client's mother aney and you fo the name. >> i only forged the name because you beat me up. a reality show. >> greta: and jim, this is in the motion, and further-- further, attorney greenberg because of his pathological
7:38 pm
narcissism developed a hatred of joel brodsky causing him to ignore the best interest of his client and fix yated and obsessed with mr. brodsky and prevented him from appearing on a daily television show. because it was giving away defense strategy which also interferes greenberg's personal, intimate relationship with beth karas. the true tv reporter and now saying he had an affair with the reporter. >> first, i know beth karas and i like her and to be dragged into this madness is just insane. the happiest person in the courtroom and my heart is swelling with happiness is the prosecutor. he fought for that trial, a tough case to win and watch the two lawyers going as a prosecutor is a beautiful thing, this is a total, total suicide mission by these lawyers, greta. >> greta: this is no normal fight, is it, john?
7:39 pm
>> no, it's-- >> this is insane. >> it's normally, greta. here is the drill. everybody here knows it. client fires the old attorney, hires a new one shall the new one takes a couple of shots at the old attorney, tries to make a new trial. this is so unusual to have them go to this public civil war attacking each other like this, again, not helping the client at all. a great show though. >> greta: and i know you were part of the civil case at one time. do you know these lawyers at all, john? >> i've touched base with brodsky and the crew out there and all i can say for the whole bunch of them, the thing when you lay down with dogs you get fleas and i think that's happened with them the whole group of them, peterson and the attorneys. >> or they've got problems, and-- >> the least of it. >> and somebody's card is going up. and brodsky is supposed to have-- >> this is beyond that level. this is so insane, ted. this is not like where you have a sane discussion whether someone violated the code of professional--
7:40 pm
this is over the top. >> it's rather sad. there was $10,000 that was allegedly given from abc and went into a trust account, brodsky draws it out and takes it and put it in his own private personal account. i mean-- >> i think it's so beyond this. >> when you read the monthly magazine we all get because we're d.c. lawyers i immediately go to the page where lawyers are disbarred and make sure my name is not on there. the reason they get disbarred if the client gives you money you cannot take it and put it in your account and why disbarred and suspended. >> greta: and the allegation of the money and so incision compared to accusing of affairs and the media. >> and gentlemen, as always, thank you. coming up, one of the most outrageous stories about washington and both political parties are up to their eyeballs in this one. and worse, they don't think it's bad. it's part of the washington culture. and you're going to hear about it next.
7:41 pm
and in two minutes, why joe biden, you have to hear this one to believe it and you will two minutes away. as your life and career change, fidelity is there for your personal economy, helping you readjust your retirement plan along the way. rethink how you're invested. and refocus as your career moves forward. wherever you are today, a fidelity ira has a wide range of investment choices to help you fine-tune your personal economy.
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7:46 pm
>> i think this is wrong and unfair to you. it's not just one political party that's doing it, it's both. republicans and democrats both up to their eyeballs in conflict of interest and it's so much a part of the washington culture they don't see it. but to the extent anybody do see it they've conveniently written themselves an exemption. what am i talking about? washington post reporter broke the story and told him as we sat down one of the biggest scandals i've seen in washington and important stories. tell me, i'll let you tell the viewers what did you report? >> well, what we found was that foreign governments are paying for congressional staff and lawmakers themselves to travel overseas on trips that
7:47 pm
are billed as cultural exchanges, but often they include some substantive content and a lot of historical and cultural sights frequented by tourists. >> greta: and i put the list on greta wire. it's virtually almost every member of congress and senate and staff are getting four seasons and trips to the great wall in china, all over the world and this isn't even vacation time, is it? >> no, this is actually, they're getting paid by the senate or the house while they're on these trips. we found instances of staffers going to the beach, you know, visiting the winery, seei seeing elephants. travelling seeing the great wall in china. >> greta: what's so sad about it. here is where the conflict of interest arises. if you're a staff member on capitol hill you may be called upon to draft legislation, let's say i'm trading with china and if on the other hand
7:48 pm
you're getting great vacation froms china, the great wall, a fancy hotel it and you're getting a wonderful trip to china, is that you want to sort of please your benefactors, and yet, you know, it's happening all over capitol hill. >> yeah, and one of the things we found is that countries hire lobbyists in d.c. the same way u.s. corporations do and the lobbyists are actually involved in planning these trips, they go on the trips and then follow-up afterward once they know the staffers on a personal level from these, you know, fun vacations or from fun adventures, then they can ask them for different things, legislative action. >> greta: it involves everybody, senator luger, lieberman, cantor, mccain, hoyer, sessions, standard demint. barney frank, olympia snowe, rubio, hoyer, everybody on capitol hill sending staffers on the trips. how many trips in the last six years. >> over 800, that's only
7:49 pm
disclosed, most of these trips will never see the light of day and never have a full accounting. >> and the interesting thing, members of congress have to report it, but when the ethics he reform bill according to your article passed house and senate. the legislation for ethics and made no mention of foreign finance cultural exchanges, but democratic leadership inserted a specific exemption for them in the final bill just before passage so the democratic leadership put that in so all of these staff members could go on all the fancy trips, over 800 in six years and don't report it. >> and it's actually really a longstanding practice since 1961, these have been allowed, what we've seen increased recently after the tight ethics reforms. and actually u.s. corporations send lobbyists on these trips as well. >> it's done so much they don't see the conflict of interest, do they. >> no, the staffers i talked to are very defensive for this article. they've-- they thought they were
7:50 pm
fulfilling the goal of promoting international understanding. >> greta: meanwhile, they're getting fancy trips and working on legislation, and by the way, when you work on trade legislation, that affects jobs in my hometown in wisconsin or wherever and why it matters you not curry favor with these people and actually i thought it was, it's the biggest scandal i've seen in a long time. and it's a great article and i've post it had on greta wire, but tim, thank you. >> thank you. >> greta: okay. now it's your turn. when you hear reports like this, does it make you lose your faith in washington or do you trust the lawmakers to do the right thing? go to and tell us. what would you do if george clooney showed up at your door with a pizza delivery? it could happen. that's next. hi. hi.
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>> george clooney hashing it out on twitter tonight and it's getting steamy. listen to this, tweeting, george clooney pizza box delivers hot and cheesy thrills. he appears on a pizza box in italy. it appears to be him making pizza they have seen similar pizza box ins other countries. what do you think. did clooney really pose with
7:55 pm
the pizza? and speaking food the famous mustard commercial. and reporting that grey poupon is back. >> in 1982 one man gave another man grey poupon. >> pardon me, do you have any grey poupon. one man refused to give it back. you thought you knew the whole story, but-- >> the ad aired in 1981 and the new ad makes the official debut in the oscars. the media may have been banned from the golf course, but today tiger woods talking about the golf game with president obama, abc news tweeting obama has amazing touch on golf course and woods saying he and the president teed up to beat the others in the foursome. and jewel thief a 50 million dollar diamond heist in belgium on the tarmac at brussels airport.
7:56 pm
diamond heist, at the airport three minutes this was very well organizationed the official says. and disguised themselves and the thieves drove into the cargo hold and drove off. police have not caught the thieves. martha stewart heads to court. and macy's is trying to black the living agreement with j.c. penney and macy's says it has an exclusive right to sell per products. she was charged with stock sales and i thought it was a bum verdict. hashtag greta on your posts and follow me on twitter on greta wire. what is the secret to making those tough half court shots? find out next. can restore testosterone levels back to normal in most men.
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